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centralino e Vtiger
centralino e Vtiger

In a moment like this, in particular, where smart working is becoming increasingly popular, it is even more useful to have a CRM that can be integrated into a switchboard. For this reason we thought of the Vtiger CRM Open Source solution with a Wildix VOIP PBX. You will be able to receive calls and call by interacting with your Vtiger leads and contacts, and those not yet registered on your Vtiger can be saved later.

Watch our introduction video to learn more about what it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2Z5XSReerI

We are available if you have any questions to ask us on the form contatti.

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News 6 July 2023
Facebook Leads Ads - Vtiger integration

It’s more and more frequent the need to automate the creation of master data on the CRM using Lead Generations platforms.

Often, our customers ask to connect Facebook – one of the most used solutions to do this – with their CRM Vtiger Open source.

So, we have structured the automatic creation of Leads or Contacts on Vtiger when external users fill in Facebook Leads Ads insertion pages.

To do this we have exploited some specific features of Vtiger Open Source, such as the Webform module and the Workflow module, connecting them to Facebook through the Zapier connector.

In this way, when a user fills out the form on Facebook Lead Ads with their data, these will be sent according to the preset mapping to Vtiger, accelerating the acquisition of new potential customers.

Facebook -> Zapier -> Vtiger
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News 4 July 2023
Vtiger - HubSpot Integration

Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system has been proved as a winning solution in customer management, where customer is placed at the centre. Although the underlying philosophy is to have all the information and all the interactions with the customer in one system, we often collide with the reality of software that perform better on some process than others. 

e-Soft has been working in the open source world for years, marrying the idea of ​​integration between systems in order to exploit the advantages of each one. In particular, we are specialized in Vtiger CRM personalization, so we made an integration with HubSpot, of which we briefly want to talk about today. 

HubSpot is a platform that helps manage customers merging marketing, sales and customer service functions. The price of the service depends on what functions you want to use. The system is very versatile in configuration and provides an APIs library for integrating data with external sources/destinations. However, compared to Vtiger Open Source, it does not offer the same flexibility of functionality customization.

Our client wanted to take advantage of the possibilities offered by HubSpot in acquiring new customers, while maintaining his Vtiger installation already customized over the years for the sales and after-sales processes. 

hubspot -> vtiger

Our integration takes advantage of the APIs made available by HubSpot to identify new acquired customers or updates to existing customers, and keeps the master data aligned in the two systems, creating or updating Organizations and Contacts on Vtiger. If we had to use 3 words to define this integration we could say: unidirectional, periodic, incremental. 

  • Unidirectional: On HubSpot you can enter new data or update existing records, then these are reported in VTiger. Changes or entries on the Vtiger side are not automatically reported on HubSpot. 

  • Periodic: the refresh rate is customizable. It’s not possible to activate a real-time modification of the individual entities, as there are no "events" to capture on the HubSpot side but it is a third-party executable. 

  • Incremental: the data updated/entered in a period of time are retrieved and the values ​​are reported on Vtiger only when there are changes. 

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