Office Collaboration

Organize calendars and activities of the sales force and other collaborators

Through shared calendars of "events" and "to do" it is possible to coordinate and/or monitor any type of activity. These functions can be used for example to plan the "tours" of agents, or to manage meetings.

Activities pertaining to users are displayed in the Calendar. The possible views of a single calendar are the classic ones, by Month, Week, Year or List
A fundamental characteristic is that of being able to share one's own Calendar among groups of users. Inside the Calendars we find the "Events" and "To Do" assigned to each user. Individual Calendars can also be synchronized with external Calendars used by users, such as Google Calendars (default) or Office365 Calendars (with an additional plug-in).
An Event is an activity with a precise beginning and end (for example a meeting).
Among the information of each event it is also possible to insert the priority, the status and above all the entity of the system (Contacts, Opportunities, Projects...) with which that event is related.
To Do
"To Do" is an activity to be completed by a specific date (for example a project).
Tasks (another name for these elements), like events, can be divided by type and priority.

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